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Snapchat exploit found, which could steal private info to expose to spam

Gibson Security, an online security firm has disclosed in detail about the Snapchat app hack, which could let the attackers gain access to the messenger users’ names and phone numbers via the coding and API loophole of the app.

gibsonsec-snapchatThe same security firm has made aware of the serious threat in last August, but the Snapchat itself ignored the revelations. It reveals that the Snapchat exploits could allow mass matching of phone numbers with names and mass creation of bogus accounts and claims that Snapchat users’ names, aliases ad phone numbers could be discovered by this exploit, even the user’s account made private from public.


Most interesting part, which could force the messaging app’s founder to take this threat seriously is, the hackers could create mass profiles about users to sell it for huge money and worst of all, those data could also be used for stalking and targeted scamming. That means the hackers could bring up a service similar to ssndob[dot]cc, which sells users phone numbers and social media profile of a person, just by their username – read krebs’ post here.

Regarding the Snapchat, it allows to send disappearing media such as photos and videos that could be viewed for 10 seconds. It has seen some ups and downs but most of them are “ups”, as it grows its user-base in millions from nowhere and already lured in youngsters from Facebook. Recently, it has reportedly turned down $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook, that could also increase the value of profile database for selling, says Gibson Security.

[Source] [via: ZDNet, news.com.au]

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