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Man crowned with Guinness record for his 11,000 video game collection

A Buffalo, New York based man, Michael Thomasson has been crowned as Guinness record holder for having around 11,000 video games and he has been featured in two pages of just-launched “Guinness World Record 2014 Gamer’s Edition.”

Michael Thomasson


The story started when he was 12 years old, when he go his first video game, Cosmic Avenger for Christmas and he waited for a year to play it on the rare Colecovision gaming console. Now, after 31 years, he has 10, 607 video games precisely along with almost every gaming consoles released out there to ear him the crown of Guinness world record.

Thomasson has the video games collection at his home’s basement along with the rare consoles like Japan-made Casio Loopy, the only console released targeting girls in 1995 and Apple’s Pippin launched in the same year.

He would have collected even more video games, if he hasn’t sold off his collections twice (1998 and 1989) to raise funds for his personal need as well as for the legendary Sega Genesis console. However, he said that after these incidents, he began to recollect the games averaging 2 per day on a $3000 per year budget. Now, the collection has the value at $700,000, as he estimates.

However, the French guy, who sold his 22 sets of 7,000 video games in 2012 has received $1.2 million via eBay and it was a big news in that year. Comparing to that deal, Thomasson might receive, well over $2 million for his collections.

Prior to Thomasson, Richard Lecce was holding this record since 2010 with his collection of 8,616 games. Following the falling of his record, Lecce has responded saying that his numbers also has grown, but he hasn’t counted his collections yet. He also said that he has no any immediate plans to challenge Thomasson’s record for the Guinness crown.


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