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Millions of Dogecoins stolen from users wallets, via server hacking

Dogecoin, the Bitcoin-like crypto-currency, had a bad Christmas as the founder of this virtual currency confirmed that the hacker has stolen more than $12,000 worth of currency from its owners.

dogecoinThe reports of stolen currencies was first reported at the Dogecoin forum. where the users said that their deposits were being transferred to an unknown wallet without the owner’s authorization. Every unauthorized transfers were being done by a single hacker to his wallet – “DQT9WcqmUyyccrxQvSrjcFCqRxt8eVBLx8.”


Later, the founder of the Dogecoin has confirmed the hack and said that the hack was targeted to the official Dogewallet page, not individual. The attacker gained access to the Dogecoin’s file system, then made it to send the funds to  single account by modifying the send/receive page.

The Dogecoin/Dogewallet also promised to compensate all affected users of the crypto-currency and said to send a private message with their account details in a private message on Reddit. It said that 30 million coins are ready to compensate to around 30,000 Dogecoin users .

The Dogecoin is a very new virtual currency with the exchange value of around $0.00059 per coin, while the popular Bitcoin has seen a high of $1200 but later fell to $500 per coin following the bad news from China and now trades at around $700.

Currently, the Dogewallet website as been shutdown and welcomes the users with the report of hack and an apology.

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