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Apple hopes for $4 billion iPad deal in Turkey

Apple CEO Tim Cook will be visiting Turkey for attending the opening of the country’s first Apple store with hopes of closing a $4 Billion iPad deal with the President.



Cook and President Abdullah Gul will hold a meeting to discuss Turkey’s “FAITH Project” which aims at using modern computing devices from blackboards and textbooks, according to Turkish publication emlakkulisi.com.

Earlier in May, Apple headquarters in California was visited by  Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a peek into the technological advancements of the company and placing a bid for his “Faith” project.

If the deal is closed, Apple will provide 10.6 million tablets and another 2 to 2.5 million iPads in its second deal. The deal valued at $4 billion will be scheduled during a period of four years. The publications also reports that Cook is likely to visit Apple store in Istanbul’s Zorlu Center slated to open by next year. The 21,500 square-feet store designed like the popular Fifth Avenue store in New York which features a all-glass-cube cap structure .

Apart from Turkey’s online Apple store, this store will feature the company’s first physical store in the country. Apple is also increasingly focusing on developing countries moving from strong markets like US and UK.

Apple is also set to receive $13 Billion next year as it had closed an iPhone deal with the world’s largest mobile operator, China Mobile.


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