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Samsung responds to look into Galaxy S4’s “Knox” security threat

Samsung Galaxy S4 and its Knox security feature comes with a vulnerability, which could allow malicious software to access the secure data easily, according to the Israel’s BGU Security researchers.

pink-gold-samsung-galaxy-s4Samsung Galaxy S4 comes packed with a new Knox security platform, where the vulnerability identified and Samsung has responded to the research and told the WSJ that it’s looking into the issues, but not taken it as a serious threat. Moreover, this threat could be an issue for the business and federal uses of the smartphone, such as the Department of Defense in US. Samsung Knox has been already approved by the Pentagon for government use as it offers a high-end encryption and VPN feature. By using certain security policies, IT administrators of an organization can manage a Knox enabled device.


Researchers at Ben-Gurion University’s Cyber Security Labs discovered that the malicious software could hack into the Knox enabled Galaxy S4 devices to track emails as well as record data communications.

Dudu Mimran, BGU Cyber Security Lab’s CTO said,

“The new unveiled vulnerability presents a serious threat to all users of phones based on this architecture, such as users of the Samsung Galaxy S4.”

Later, the Samsung’s spokesperson said that the firm will take every security vulnerability claims seriously and also said that it will further investigate the researcher’s claims.

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