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Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 can’t come with a curved display

The chances of Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with a curved display are less, as the company is not yet in the situation to produce enough curved displays to meet the demand of a flagship smartphone sales, which could go up to millions in few days of launch.

Samsung Galaxy Ground FrontThis news came from The Korean Herald, citing the information from analysts, following the rumor of curved Samsung Galaxy S5. According the analysts, Samsung could produce only 0.5 million curved display screens per month and it will take a year to jump to produce 1 million per month.


However, Samsung could also launch a Galaxy S5 variant with the curved display, later. But, we expect a LG G Flex-like vertical curve, rather than the horizontal curved display similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Round. However, some people also thinks vise versa.

There are some rumors, which suggests that Samsung could also introduce the QHD display with 2560 x 1440 resolution. It means a higher pixel density and crispier display.

Meanwhile, Samsung is planning to face-off with LG’s somewhat flexible smartphones by developing a completely foldable smartphones by 2015. For this, the South Korean tech giant has to research and develop not only the flexible display, but also flexible and completely bendable internal hardware components too. Do you remember the LG’s bendable battery project?


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