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Social data compiler, SportStream has been acquired by Facebook

SportStream, a business which compiles social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc for sports news and events has been acquired by Facebook.



SportStream scours information from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and news sites for sports teams or events. Clubs and media partners receive the feed through API. Presently Liverpool FC, Seatlle Seahawks and Ask.com are the users of the service.

“From 30 million people in the US talking about NFL during opening weekend to Kobe Bryant announcing his return to the lakers via his Facebook page earlier this month a spirited conversation about sports is happening on Facebook both in real-time and over the water cooler the day after”, said Justin Osofsky, VP of Facebook’s media partnerships and global operations mentioned in a blog post.

sportstream-warriorsThe 18 month old SportStream has helped news sites, content editors to compile and broadcast sports data in real-time. Sporting events are one of the top topics trending on Twitter. With Facebook’s acquisition it will be able to find out what  users are talking about in social media sites. Its SportsBase product is where the Facebook’s real value exists, according to the blog post.

SportStream has not disclosed the deal value and has welcomed the deal as it would further enhance people’s reach. Facebook’s move will make it similar to the way Twitter works to understand the current trending topics.

Use of specific topics by users have been improved by Facebook with the introduction of Hashtags, treding topics and the feature to embed posts. Onavo, a mobile data compression startup which was acquired by Facebook in October in a move to focus on cross-platform services.


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