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Motorola Moto X with Wooden Bamboo back panel now sells for additional $100

Motorola confirmed the Moto X with Wooden back panel (actually bamboo back cover) and it will be available online at Moto Maker customization website.



Users can buy the Moto X smartphone with any color options for buttons and front panel along with the wooden back panel, but the sad part is, the bamboo back panel costs additional $100 from buyer’s pocket. Yes, the Moto X Bamboo with back cover comes with $199 price tag with 2-year contract on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, while the regular customized device is priced at $99 and the launch price was $199.

Motorola said that the special wooden edition of the smartphone will be shipped in January as the company is experimenting and studying the consumer behavior by limiting the quantity. However, you should know that Motorola managed to sell only 500,000 Moto X smartphones in Q3 2013.

The good part is, the new bamboo back panel option not only available for all carriers, but also for unlocked Moto X devices too. You should go to the Moto Maker website to get this device with special edition back panel. Another small information for you – Moto X devices are now getting the Android 4.4 KitKat update.

[Source: Motorola Blog]

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