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Samsung GamePad relaunched with Android makeover

Samsung GamePad which was launched during the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 has undergone a makeover and will hit the stores in UK in a few weeks.



The new GamePad had undergone a design makeover and a color change from white to black. There has been minor changes in the button layout. The durable design and steel frame offers provides the console a premium feel. The GamePad is compatible with any Android devices running Android 4.1 or higher and connects through Bluetooth.. The console has been specially optimized for Samsung devices running Android 4.3 or more. Any device between 4 and 6.3 inches can be clipped to the console.

For the complete console experience user can connect to TV screen by using the HDMI cable or AllShare Screen Mirroring. Currently 35 games have been optimized for using with Samsung GamePad, though many games have been promised in 2014. Samsung Galaxy devices like Note 3, S III will enjoy easy connectivity through NFC and quicker access to games with the’Play’ button.

With Samsung’s focus on Android gaming, it would grow even popular. However Samsung isn’t the only one who has come out with a console with MOGA being the closest competitor with a range of devices.

Only when Samsung reveals price it would be known of the console would catch up with the users making it a leader in Android console market. The GamePad is available in select European markets and will be made available in other regions in a few weeks.


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