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Chromecast likely to be expanded by Google in 2014

With Google planning to expand Chromecast system, users can expect an open Software Development Kit, new devices and international expansion.


Google would focus on bringing the streaming dongle to international markets, said VP Mario Quieroz in an interview with Gigaom. “People will be pleasantly surprised by the expansion,” he added.

The main idea behind the expansion plans was to encourage international app publishers to provide Chromecast-compatible apps. This will enable users to discover more content on the device. Quiroz mentioned that there will be an expectation from consumers and that any and every app will be “castable”.

In 2014, an open SDK for developers will also released.Though the preview version of the SDK is available, distribution of apps is not possible with its limited functionality. Earlier Google had allowed only a few developers to submit apps on Chromecast. Chromecast users had only limited media from Netflix, Youtube and Google Play services. Hulu Plus, Pandora and HBO Go were added later. During the holiday season Google had also released 10 apps to Chromecast.

The exact date regarding the release of SDK has not been revealed. Google had also hosted a internal Chromecast hackathon with 40 developers from 30 companies in its Mountain View offices last week. The event provided developers a view into the unpublished version of Chromecast SDK and to provide feedback for the final version.

Chromecast aims to persuade consumer electronics manufacturers for standard built in devices. Queiroz added that  the company had some “serious conversations” with leaders in the market. Chromecast will attract users as more apps are being added and Google is focused on roping in developers.


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