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Google acquired walking and running robots-maker, Boston Dynamics

Google is focusing on robotics and shifted some of it interest to the robots as it hold the firm grip over search, mobile and getting some grip on the social media industry as the company has confirmed on Friday that it has acquired Boston Dynamics, makers of running and walking robots namely “BigDog,” “WildCat” and “Cheetah”.



We already knew that Google want to build something unusual as it moved its former Android founder, Andy Rubin to the new robotics initiative recently. He seems to be excited about new acquisition and he has tweeted about the excitement of the Big G acquiring the Boston Dynamics.

If you are unfamiliar with the name Boston Dynamics, just watch the videos from their official YouTube channel (one of them embedded below), which will show you some of their super-agile robots running, climbing terrains, 2-legged robots walking and balancing when kicked, a small 4 wheeled toy-like-robot jumping upto 30 feet above the ground and many more.

Founded in 1992 by Marc Raibert, a former professor at the MIT, the firm has already built and supplied mobile research robots to Pentagon clients like the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or Darpa, but not yet sold any robots commercially.

The news reported first on NY Times And now after the acquisition, all those robots and technologies are of Google’s and this acquisition is the eighth robotics company for Google in last half-year. However the deal price has not been revealed by the company.

Meanwhile, Google hasn’t yet unveiled the products or service they are building with the robotics acquisitions and researching on them. There are some rumors spreading that the company could bring a drone-like robots to deliver packages or it could bring up a new revolution in the history of humankind – “a new class of autonomous systems.”

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