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Google Play Music and Videos can be streamed directly via web on Chromecast

Google has added Google Play music and movie contents streaming to the $35 Chromecast dongle directly from web as well as smartphones and tablets via Google cast extension for the Chrome browser.



Previously, Google Chromecast dongle was able to stream contents from YouTube as well as Netflix. Popular services like Hulu and Pandora also compatible with the device. Recently the company has added 10 more application support to the device, which made the total of more than 15 services to use with the dongle.

When the company launched Chromecast in July 2013, there were only 5 supported apps, now the device is slowly gaining traction by adding series of apps and services to stream on your TV via HDMI, which makes the Google’s streaming dongle to compete with Apple AirPlay and Apple TV devices. But, it still can’t mirror an entire display as the Apple AirPlay does – which is essential for teachers and presenters.

The addition of new services as well as important applications to the Chromecast could bring up the early buyers’ devices back to work and nothing to worry about their $35 paid to buy the gadget.

If you want to buy the Chromecast online, just head over here, and you should know that Google also giving a free Chromecast (I mean, $35 worth Google Play credit) along with the purchase of a Nexus 7 tablet. Download the Google Cast extension from Chrome Web Store.

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