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Steve Mollenkopf will be CEO and President of Qualcomm, not Microsoft

Qualcomm has announced that its current COO, Steve Mollenkopf will be the next Chief Executive Officer and President of the world’s largest chip maker company effective from 4th March 2014.



Qualcomm took a quick decision after the reports of Microsoft’s interest on Mollenkopf for its CEO post and it seems they keep the candidate with high credentials with themselves. Current CEO, Dr. Paul E Jacobs will remain as the executive chairman of the company board. The company said in the press release that Steve Mollenkopf has been unanimously elected by Qualcomm’s board of directors.

Steve Mollenkopf said,

“I am honored to have been chosen by the board to lead Qualcomm into the next exciting era of the Company. Qualcomm’s focus on execution in product and technology development has helped to establish us as a leader in wireless with our partners. I look forward to working with our executive team and our employees in driving growth for our Company and the entire mobile ecosystem as it transitions to 4G and beyond”.

Steve Mollenkopf joined the company in 1994 and he was the president of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, when in November 2011 the company promoted him as the president and chief operating officer (COO) of Qualcomm. The company stated in the press release,

In his nearly 20 years at Qualcomm, Steve Mollenkopf has held a variety of leadership positions including leading the chipset business (QCT), successfully driving innovation and record growth. Under his leadership, Qualcomm became the world’s largest mobile chipset supplier and the global leader in LTE technology. Under Mollenkopf, QCT also completed the $3.1 billion acquisition of Atheros, the Company’s largest acquisition to date, to accelerate the expansion of Qualcomm’s technologies and platforms beyond cellular.

The sudden statement from Qualcomm would be a big turn down for Microsoft’s intention of bringing him to the software company to focus more on hardware and mobile segments by using his experience and vast knowledge in the field. Now, Microsoft has to depend on the other top candidates for its CEO post such as Ford’s Alan Mulally, Microsoft’s own Kevin Turner and Nokia’s Stephen Elop.


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