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Google Unveils Android Version of ‘Find My iPhone’

While Apple users have enjoyed the Find My iPhone app, which has successfully locate endless phones since its inception, Google has just released its own version of the app, which promises to help Google phone users to locate their missing or stolen phones easily and without any kind of hassle.

Did you just realize that you forgot your Nexus 7 phone in that cab you took? Well, all hope is certainly not lost. With Google’s new Android Device Manager, you will be able to locate your phone on the online map easily in real time.



In the most unfortunate event that you are permanently unable to recover your phone, Google’s Android Device Manager also helps you to erase all your data from a remote electronic device. That way, even if you have stored all your data, starting from bank records to grocery lists, you will be able to get rid of them if not salvage them.

The basic prerequisite of the application is an Android device version 2.2 or higher and the users must log in to their Google account for access. Good news is that, according to the Android product manager Benjamin Poiesz, the users will soon be able to sleuth on the go as well.

This particular app, the Android Device Manager, was originally inspired by Apple’s Find My iPhone service, which, as mentioned earlier, has helped many harried Apple device owners to remotely lock, message, locate, recover or wipe information as and when needed. The service is already said to be boosted impressively from the upcoming iOS 7. It will supposedly demand login credentials to unlock the Apple device before you are able to perform a factory reset and wipe out all your important and sensitive information.

Of course, there are other options too, which are much costlier in comparison that will help to locate a lost or missing device, for example, the new Nokia “Treasure Tag” Lumia-compatible app.


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