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iOS 12 Will Make Your Older iPhone, iPad like New

Iphone 7 on a MacBookApple advises all users to upgrade their devices to the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 12. The tech company claims that the new OS can boost the performance of older iPhones and iPads even if they were first launched in 2013.

The latest operating system supports all hardware that has a 64-bit processor. The chipset was launched in late 2013.


Apple pride itself that its user base installs iOS updates as soon as they are launched while Google has to wait one year to see a single-digit percentage growth.  Also, Apple’s updates go back generations as the tech giant strives to keep all iPad and iPhone users happy.

The iPhone maker is aware that people hold onto their handsets for years, while others sell their iPhones to upgrade to something new. Other simply donate their older iPhones. So, Apple is interested in keeping all this old hardware running smoothly.

Apple Prefers Long-Term Investments

Apparently, Apple’s approach is detrimental to the business as more people that are happy with their older devices mean fewer new devices sold. Apple, however, sees the approach as a long-term investment.

If people are happy with Apple products they are more likely to buy an Apple product when they finally decide to upgrade and to recommend Apple products to their peers.

However, not all Apple updates were met with enthusiasm. Last year, the tech company was embroiled in a monster scandal after a cybersecurity firm had found that the company had been slowing down older iPhones on purpose via updates.

The company admitted that it slowed down older phones but dismissed accusations that it did it to force users into a hardware upgrade. It argued that the move was necessary to prevent demanding software from overheating the phones and damaging the processor.
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