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Sources: AirPods Case Could Soon Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

AirPods caseAccording to the Nikkei, the incoming AirPods will be powered by a high-tech case that could wirelessly charge itself, your earbuds, and your iPhone. AirPods fans are eagerly waiting for a new model of their favorite premium wireless earbuds next year.

Several Taiwanese sources working for Nikkei said that a charging case for the earbuds could be rolled out as early as this year. The case will charge itself with no wire while also charging nearby wireless earbuds and iPhones.


Apple unveiled the wireless charging case last fall while it was rolling out the iPhoneX. Apple also unveiled a charging mat for the iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. The case and the mat were powered by the company’s AirPower tech.

Nine months later, however, neither the case or the charging mat has been released to the public. But sources claim that the charging case is coming this year.

So, expect to see a lot of iPhones resting on AirPods cases in the near future. The case already contains a Lithium-Ion battery, so adding a wireless charging function to it makes a lot of sense. Why not let a case recharge a phone or a smartwatch beside the earbuds?

The Case Could Be Rolled Out This Fall

Apple fans cheered at the news. They expect Apple to announce the wireless charging case this fall during its annual product event when the new iPhones are expected to be launched.

According to a Bloomberg report, the next-generation wireless earbuds, along with a premium over-ear headphones, and a new Home Pod will be all launched in the first months of 2019.

Reportedly the new AirPods will be water resistant and have noise cancellation. Also, the new gadgets could have an increased range from the iPad or iPhone, a person familiar with the matter said.

The bad news is that the incoming AirPods could cost more than the current model, which retails at $159.
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