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League of Legends Twitch Channel Hits 1Bn Views

League of Legends wallpaperRiot Games’ Twitch channel, has hit the 1-billion-viewer mark. The channel, which primarily streams League of Legends matches, is the first of its kind to have so many views.

Unlike YouTube channels, Twitch channels show the number of users watching live the stream along with the total views over time in the bottom right corner. The figures in red are the number of people watching the video in real time. The grey figures are the total views of a stream.


Since the Riot Game channel has uploaded around 1,700 videos, it is no wonder that it has accrued 1 billion views. The channel hit the impressive mark on Sunday during the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

The number of views spiked after Fly Quest defeated Optic Gaming, marking the team’s first win. Riot Games soon thanked LoL players and fans for helping the channel amass 1 billion views.

Riot Games Celebrating the Milestone

James “Riot Dash” Patterson thanked fans in a video that was tweeted on the developer’s esports account on Sunday. More than 100,000 people were watching the channel online when the announcement was made. Many of those viewers rejoiced that they helped make the thing happen.

However, LoL fans were not taken by surprise by the milestone. Before the stream, many of them noted that the channel was inching dangerously close to the 1-billion-viewer mark. A Twitch subreddit popped up about the issue when the count hit the 999.99 million views mark.

The number could grow even larger as the NA LCS games are not over, and many esports enthusiasts will join in. After a short pause, the next games will be resumed on June 30.
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