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Apple About to Ditch Another Useful Port: The Lightning Port

iPhone X chargingApple Inc has removed multiple useful ports from its MacBooks and iPhones over the years. Now, the iPhone’s lightning port is next on the chopping block, according to a report from Bloomberg.

In 2015, the company removed all ports from its MacBooks but spared the USB-C port. In return, users had to buy multiple dongles for whatever devices they needed to pair to the computer.


In 2017, the iPhone maker was behind another bold move: it removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. At the time, the handset was criticized for being an iPhone 6S without a headphone jack. Other companies soon followed suit and removed the useful port.

Samsung, on the other hand, refused to kill the headphone jack. In the meantime, Apple fans have come to terms with the loss of their beloved ports. But now the tech giant has another surprise in store: it wants to remove the lightning port.

Lightning Port Is on Its Way Out

The port was first rolled out in 2012. It was a welcome addition to the iPhone 5 because it replaced the bulky 30-pin dock connector. The new port had obvious advantages over the 30-pin dock connector.

For instance, the Lightning Port is slimmer than its predecessor and is easier to use at it doesn’t require a specific side to be facing up. However, sources told Bloomberg, that the Lightning Port is on its way out too.

Sources also said that Apple wants the next-gen iPhones to rely only on wireless charging. Reportedly, the company had been planning to remove the port before the launch of the iPhone X. But because the wireless charging technology needed more tweaking, the anniversary phone was released with a Lightning Port. Also, a wireless charger would have raised the price of the iPhone X.
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