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Google Assistant Ditches ‘Hey Google’ for Every Interaction

google homeAfter a recent software update, the Google Assistant will no longer need you to use “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” for every interaction.

If a feature dubbed Continued Conversation is turned on, the wake-up phrase will no longer be necessary before each request.


Google first unveiled the feature in May at the I/O conference. The feature reached all Google Assistant devices in the U.S. this week. If the feature is toggled on, you’ll be able to send Google several commands without saying “Hey Google” every time.

The Assistant will not enter snooze mode unless you fail to give it a command within the first eight seconds since the last interaction. What’s more, the Assistant will remain awake and any other person in the room can interact with it.

New Feature Has Limitations

After eight seconds of zero interaction, the voice-activated assistant will be turned off and you’ll need to use the wake-up phrase once more. You can also shut it down by ending an interaction with key phrases like “Thanks, Google,” “Thank you,” or “I’m done”. If the device is still listening, you’ll see the lights on top of it on.

Continued Conversations has its limitations The feature does not work during phone calls, media playing, or when the alarm is going off. The Home device will have the new feature toggled off. You can toggle it on via the Assistant app on your Chromebook, phone or tablet.

In the case of multiple Home devices, turning the feature on for one device will toggle it on for all devices. The new feature makes the interaction with your Google assistant less frustrating and more natural. But some users might be so used to saying “Hey Google” before each interaction that they could easily forget Continued Conversation is on.
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