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Serial Tipster: Galaxy Note 9 to Sport Massive Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 8According to serial tipster Ice Universe, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will sport a more powerful battery than the Note 8. Galaxy Note 8 runs on a 3,300mAh battery, while its successor is rumored to sport a 4,000mAh one.

We got the information from the South Korean serial leaker Ice Universe, who has leaked other similar data on new technology that proved to be accurate. Ice Universe claims that he is “100% sure” about the new battery.


Even though the leaker might be sure, Samsung could change its mind at any given time. It is worth noting that the Galaxy S7 had a larger battery than the S6, but around 2.5 million S7 phones had to be recalled because of its exploding batteries.

It is quite possible for the Note 9 to have such a massive battery since the device will reportedly have a 6.4-inch display.

Leakers Agree on Larger-Battery Rumors

Previous leaks have suggested that the upcoming Note phone would have a 3,850mAh battery, which is still a large battery. Separate sources cannot agree on the battery’s capacity but they do agree on the fact that the Note 9 will have a bigger battery than its predecessor.

Samsung fans expect the Note 9 to be a more than decent phone, which could skip many the Note 8’s flaws, like the flawed fingerprint sensor design, at a much greater performance.

The Note 9 is expected to contain a Snapdragon 845 chipset and have up to 8 GB of RAM. The fingerprint sensor could be in-screen.

An official release date for the new flagship phone from Samsung has not been unveiled, but the Note 9 is expected to be launched at some point in August.
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