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Google Scrapping ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Slogan from Its Code of Conduct

Google's Don't Be Evil mottoGoogle has reportedly quietly removed its ‘Don’t Be Evil’ unofficial slogan from the company workers’ code of conduct, which sparked a massive reaction on Twitter.

One Twitter user believes that, according to Google, “Evil is fine now,” with another user expressing relief that the question has been settled. Another tweet reads that the tech giant has just done the “inevitable:” it ditched “informal commitment” to one of its founding principles.

Some twitterers think that the change was sparked by a controversial contract with the U.S. Defense Department.

In 2015, Google’s parent company Alphabet turned the slogan into “Do the right thing” following a massive backlash to the Don’t Be Evil motto. The line was maintained as an unofficial motto in the company’s employee code of conduct.

Changes Were Made Quietly

According to the code of conduct, “Don’t Be Evil” represents a policy that the company’s employees should follow when serving customers. “Don’t Be Evil” also means “unbiased access to information” and “doing the right thing,” like treating Google employees with “courtesy and respect,” abiding by the law, and “acting honorably.”

The code of conduct is the result of the “Don’t Be Evil” policy, which heavily relies on ethical business conduct. The company is reportedly committed to the highest standards, and the results are visible: great products, great people, and loyal customers.

Under the old rules, employees were urged to read the code and follow its “spirit and letter.” Employees were also urged to incorporate the principles found in the code, including the ‘Don’t Be Evil’ one, into their work.

The new code, which was published May 4, no longer mentions the “Don’t Be Evil” motto. The company still follows an ethical business conduct, and employees are encouraged to read and follow the code and “Google’s values”.

Even though the motto’s disappearance was a major change, Google claims that the last time it changed its code happened on April 5.
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