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Google to Ditch Chrome’s ‘Secure’ Badge for HTTPS Pages in September

HTTPS page in ChromeGoogle announced that it will remove Chrome’s “secure” badge from HTTPS pages’ address bar since the default security status for this type of pages will be secure. Website owners migrated from the HTTP protocol to the much-safer standard HTTPS after Google repeatedly threatened to tag their pages as not secure.

Google’s web browser Chrome is now used by more than half of the planet’s Internet users. The ‘secure’ label should be gone in September. Google is reportedly working on other security changes in the meantime.


Chrome Security’s product manager Emily Schechter explained that Chrome users will no longer be announced if a web page is safe to visit. They will only be warned if there is a security issue. The “secure” label will be phased out starting in September, with the rollout of the Chrome 69 version.

Stricter Security Measures Expected This Fall

Chrome 70 will bring stricter security measures to the browser in October. Users will receive a red warning on HTTP pages whenever they are offering private info. Schechter explained that there are too many HTTP pages out there, which makes it difficult to mark all of them with a red warning sign in the address bar.

Google will also label all HTTP pages as “not secure” starting this summer. The Chrome team encourages all website owners to make the transition to the HTTPS protocol.

Google touts the protocol as a much safer version of HTTP. The tech giant first started warning users about HTTP websites not being safe to take their credit card info in January 2017, after the launch of the Chrome 56 version.

Since October 2017, Chrome has marked HTTP pages as not secure whenever they are accessed via the browser’s Incognito mode.
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