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Nest Smart Home Devices Affected by Hours-Long Outage

Nest thermostatOn Wednesday night, the Nest app went unresponsive for several hours leading to a handful of unpleasant surprises. Nest users reported not being able to lock or unlock Nest’s smart door locks, operate the thermostat, and arming or disarming the security systems.

The company acknowledged the issues on Twitter. The announcement triggered a wave of complaints with users saying that the app was unresponsive. Nest Support replied that they were working on a fix.


Users also complained about not being able to access their smart cameras and thermostats. The Nest app was back after an hour, but it needed a few more hours to gain full functionality. Users were able to unlock their Nest X Yale door locks and use other smart devices after several hours.

It is unclear what happened to the app, but the issue affected all devices connected to it.

Smart Home Devices Acting Not So Smart

Some users didn’t even notice the app issue since the locks and the Nest app were back on after an hour or so. However, the incident should not be easily ignored. Some Nest users likely came back home and were not able to unlock their door via the Nest app or to disarm the smart lock remotely.

The incident may turn away some prospective buyers of smart home technologies, as the tech clearly has its drawbacks. Such outages are not a thing to take lightly when the security of their home depends on an app that gets unresponsive out of the blue. The issue is especially concerning when to comes to smart door locks.

On the other hand, such incidents are quite rare, and we should not overreact to them. Also, Nest responded very quickly after the problem was reported and it has acted proactively.
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