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Is the Nokia X6 Cannibalizing the Nokia 6 Series?

The Nokia X6The latest Nokia phone model has many features in common with the Nokia 6.1 but the enhanced functions, improved design, and similar price makes it a serious Nokia 6.1 killer.

Just like Chinese phone makers, the firm behind Nokia, the Finland-based HMD, has launched multiple devices in a single series at similar price points. The Nokia X6 was clearly designed with the thought in mind to kill its predecessor. The Finns at HMD were likely upset that the Nokia 6.1 (2018) was less successful than the Nokia 6 (2017).

Both Nokia X6 and Nokia 6.1 have a similar price. The X6 is powered by Android 8.1 and has a top notch which makes it look like a cheaper version of the iPhone X. It is unclear whether the notch can be hidden via software, but buyers who don’t like it can buy a Nokia 6.1 instead.

Nokia X6 Better, Faster, Cheaper than Nokia 6.1

What makes the Nokia X6 unique in the series is an all-glass body, which is made of one of the planet’s toughest glass materials, Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3. Experts, however, don’t expect it to be as sturdy as the Nokia 6.1, yet it is better looking. The Nokia 6.1 is nearly unbreakable, but its design looks rather unpolished.

The Nokia X6 will likely kill its predecessor for several other reasons. First, it has a bezel-less screen and it is larger than the 6.1. Secondly, the X6’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor is reportedly 40% more powerful than Nokia 6.1’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 630.

In addition, the Nokia X6 is equipped with a quicker X12 LTE modem and now sports LPDDR4 RAM support.

On top of all that, the latest Nokia phone does not only top the Nokia 6.1 with its better hardware and sleeker design. With a retail price of $300, it is cheaper than the Nokia 6.1 ($330).
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