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iPhone Explodes Near Repair Shop Employee in Viral Video

two iPhone 8A small clip showing an iPhone exploding a few feet away from a repair shop employee in Las Vegas has gone viral on the social media. The explosion was caught on camera by the shop’s surveillance cameras.

In the video, it can be seen that an iPhone resting on a surface suddenly catches fire without anyone even touching it. In the vicinity of the phone, there is a repairman that is busy with another device.

The repair shop said that the phone needed a repair as its screen had cracked.

It is not the first time an iPhone catches fire, but it is quite rare for the event to be caught on tape. In the past several years, multiple iPhones have exploded or their batteries leaked, worldwide.

Early this year, an Apple Store in Switzerland was shut down and the personnel was evacuated after a phone’s battery exploded. The incident left one employee with burns.

In 2017, another iPhone in Australia caught fire in the user’s hand, while another device burst into flames in Japan.

Experts noted that most of these incidents were caused by malfunctioning batteries or other hardware issues. Other causes include overheating phones. Apple recommends to not allow the phone to reach 113 degrees F. If the device is working at such high temperatures, it can end up with a damaged hardware.

iPhones usually have an alert when the hardware is too hot. Also, ensure that the case allows the phone to “breathe” and not cause it to overheat. Another cause for iPhone exploding is rogue accessories.

Many people use low-quality charging cables and buy non-genuine Apple spare parts because they are cheaper than the original products. Experts warn that cheaper charging cables can put at risk both you and your phone.
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