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Overwatch Creates New Pink Mercy Skin for Charity

Overwatch character Mercy wearing pink suit.Starting this week until May 21st, all proceeds from a new pink skin for Mercy will be donated by Overwatch to breast cancer research. According to the game’s website, the new skin will cost $15.

All the money will be directed to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It is worth noting that pink is the color for breast cancer awareness campaigns worldwide.


The Overwatch team has even launched a short clip showing Mercy wearing the new skin:

However, Blizzard, the game’s publisher, won’t stop here. The company has unveiled a Pink Mercy shirt for the same cause. The shirt, which comes in a limited edition, can be pre-ordered on the company’s Gear Store.

Just like in the case of the pink skin, all proceeds will be directed to breast cancer research and prevention. The T-shirt’s price is $30.

Pink Mercy Charity Event Promoted on Twitch

Also, Overwatch fans can watch Twitch streams sponsored by the charity and win four new sprays and a fresh player icon. The items can be earned only between May 8 and May 21. Viewers will also be able to use Mercy-themed emotes to raise awareness during the period.

You can check the game’s official blog for more info on the Pink Mercy Charity Event here.

Meanwhile, the Overwatch team is working on a feature that allows players to share their progression across platforms. Also, some European countries including Belgium and Netherlands have banned loot boxes in the game.

The Belgian Gaming Commission has recently decided that loot boxes in Overwatch, FIFA 18, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive are illegal. Commissioners argued that the three titles are games of chance which means that they are governed by the country’s gaming laws. The Netherlands has reached a similar conclusion last month.
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