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Big Changes Coming to Microsoft’s Windows

Windows 10 on a laptopMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadellas’ speech at this year’s Build Conference hinted at some big changes for Windows. The Microsoft boss did not unveil any new hardware at the developers’ conference this week, but he did offer hints about the future of the company’s operating system.

On Day One, the discussions focused on other things than Windows, while on Day Two, the talks were all about Windows, the Office suite, and developer tools. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore unveiled the new plans for Windows.

Firstly, the company plans to change the Sets and Timeline features in Windows 10. Microsoft rolled out Timeline with its April update, but now it wants to beef the feature up with new options allowing users to resume tasks on any device.

Sets is another experimental feature which hasn’t been launched. The company plans to roll it out “someday.” Sets organizes all the documents used by a user to perform a specific task into a single window. The feature is designed to make work more efficient and to allow users to resume complex tasks from different devices.

Microsoft’s Windows to Be Further Improved

The new Sets changes include an alt-tab key combination for recent tabs in the browser. Also, since Microsoft Graph will store Sets data, it means that the tasks can be accessed by both users and applications. Also, the company plans to add Sets to Windows 10’s Timeline for an easier, cross-platform access.

An app called Your Phone was unveiled this week. The app will enable Windows 10 users to access their smartphones from their PCs. It will be compatible with Android notifications while the photos and videos on the phones will be moved to the PC via drag-and-drop actions. Only Windows Insiders will be able to test the new app.

Microsoft also plans to equip MS Word with machine learning algorithms that can improve grammar checking and offer subtler corrections.
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