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Nokia’s rumored Android phone ‘Normandy’ set to release in 2014

Though Microsoft and Nokia are in the process of undergoing a merger, news regarding the rumored Android phone ‘Normandy’ from the Finnish company is back in the spotlight.


The Verge reports that he rumored handset is named as Normandy. The smartphone was codenamed by @evleaks who had leaked the photo in November.

The ‘Normandy’ would utilize a “forked” version of Android OS similar to what Amazon has done for the Kindle by use of its system in the hardware. The smartphone will also be able to run popular applications like Skype, said sources. The OS can also be customized allowing Nokia to restrict Google’s control.

Though the deal between the two companies for a merger still haven’t completely finalized, Nokia has not stopped the process of developing the phone. However uncertainty persists if Nokia would release the phone before the deal is finalized. Microsoft would definitely shelve Normandy in case Nokia plans to release it post-merger.

The report also mentions the use of traditional apps and is designed on the basis of Nokia’s Asha range. Since the Series 40 Asha has failed to create an impact, Nokia hopes Normandy to change the scenario.

Though Nokia looks forward for the launch of the phone, the company might have to face regulatory hurdles as the deal with Microsoft is just a few months away. Development of the handset is said to be “full steam ahead” with 2014 being the release date.


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