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Microsoft Sells the Galaxy Note 8 for $829

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8If you want the best offering for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, check Microsoft’s website. The U.S. tech giant is offering a $120 discount for the unlocked smartphone, lowering the retail price from $950 to $829.99.

The device is cheaper on Microsoft’s website than on Samsung’s site, which is selling the phone at a discount as well.

Currently, Microsoft is selling the handset for $829.99 in the United States, which is the lowest price for an unlocked Note 8 in the U.S. market. However, the Windows maker sells only the black version of the phone. The company advises users to download the Microsoft Launcher on their handsets.

You can download the MS Launcher app from Google Play and can buy the cheaper Note 8 from Microsoft’s website. But you better hurry up as the deal lasts through May 19 or until the phones are sold out.

Note 9 Coming to China

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is gaining traction. Samsung has reportedly rolled out the Note 9 in China, the biggest smartphone market in the world.

LetsGoDigital was the first to report that the South Korean tech giant has certified two versions of the phone with Chinese regulators. The procedure requires the company to make the device public.

The Note 9 will sport the largest Li-Ion battery the company has ever used in a smartphone and a dual aperture camera in the back. The front camera will undergo major improvements as well, according to sources.

Samsung’s decision to equip the new flagship phone with a large battery is a turnaround from its conservative policies regarding the battery capacities of its phones. The policies were spurred by the Galaxy Note 7’s battery scandal.

The Note 8 is Samsung’s response to Apple’s upcoming iPhone X Plus, which is expected to be the smartphone with the largest screen ever.
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