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Xbox comes out of zombie stats, announced 2 million console sales in 18 days

Coming out of the zombie killing reports, Microsoft has finally revealed its Xbox One sales number in first 18 days of its launch and it said it has sold over 2 million consoles till December 10.


Compared to the Sony’s PS4′ sales of 2.1 million units in first 16 days across U.S., Europe and Australia (it was limited to U.S. and Canada in its first 14 days), the Xbox One is seems to be little low paced, despite the release in 13 countries than PlayStation 4’s market spread. Both the rivals announced that they have surpassed over 1 million consoles in first day of launch.

Still, Microsoft continues to give the Zombie stats with this announcement such as “83 million hours of games played”, “39 million achievements unlocked” and “595 million total Gamerscore achieved” etc.

Currently, PlayStation 4 is now available in 32 countries, while Microsoft’ console is available in same 13 countries.

Apart from these sales numbers, Xbox One has one more news – the first system software update is being rolled out starting today, which comes with bug fixes to the inconsistent notifications, SmartGlass connection problems, additional TV features and enhanced dashboard performance.


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