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Instagram’s Data Download Tool Allows You to Pack and Go

Instagram logoThis week, Instagram rolled out a new feature called “Download data” which enables you to part ways with the photo-sharing website without leaving your beloved data behind.

Instagram’s Data Download tool, which can be found in the app’s privacy settings, enables you to export your photos, Stories, videos, profile data, messages, and comments. In some cases, the data can take up to a few days to be downloaded.


Instagram confirmed that the feature is available for users using the web browser, while an update for the iPhone and Android apps was in the making.

The tool includes your images, profile data, clips, Stories that were posted after last December, story captions, posts, direct messages, your contacts and followers, the users you follow, likes, settings, and searches. Ephemeral direct messages will not be available for download.

The new feature was spurred by new privacy rules in Europe that require social media companies to allow users to move their data. The E.U.’s new privacy rules called GDPR will be effective starting May 25.

WhatsApp Unveils Similar Data Download Tool

The Facebook-owned Instagram now has more than 800 million users and is the top image-sharing website in the world. Authorities consider that the website should not keep users’ data hostage to prevent them from leaving.

On Tuesday, another Facebook-owned tech company, WhatsApp, unveiled a similar Data Download feature. The new tool, which will be rolled out with a new update, can be accessed by all WhatsApp users worldwide.

WhatsApp’s Download tool will give users access to their account info, profile photos, but not to messages. Only some models of smartphones and tablets can back up the messages.

The messaging app will also hike the minimum age to use the service to 16 in Europe. In the rest of the world, the minimum age will remain 13. WhatsApp insisted that it doesn’t beam user data to its parent company, Facebook.
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