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iOS 11.3.1 Update Is Here. See What’s New

iPhone X and wireless ear budsOn Tuesday, Apple rolled out the 13th update for its iOS 11 mobile operating system, aka the iOS 11.3.1 update. The latest update was launched less than a month after the much-anticipated iOS 11.3.

That iOS 11.3 came with several new features like a business feature for Messages, new types of Animoji for the iPhone X, and a Battery Health app that allowed users to keep a close eye on the handset’s battery status.

You can download the iOS 11.3.1 update from your iPhone’s Settings app. From Settings, tap the General tab and Software Update respectively to unlock the update.

Apple has promised to fix some bugs and improve the performance through the newest iOS update. The bugs were spotted after the release of the iOS 11.3 update. One of the major fixes targets a bug that shut down permanently the iPhone 8’s screen’s touch functionality if the phone was repaired by third-party repair shops.

iOS 11.3.1 Update Fixes Nasty Bug

In the release notes, Apple noted that the bug that affected some iPhone 8 models after being repaired with “non-genuine replacement displayshad been fixed. The company warned that non-genuine spare parts for displays could have functionality issues of their own and lower visual quality.

Apple recommends getting your iPhone repaired only at Apple-certified experts with genuine iPhone parts.

The repair bug affecting the iPhone 8 models surfaced shortly after iOS 11.3 was launched. After the update, some iPhone 8 devices lost their touch-screen functionality after being repaired by non-certified experts. The issue affected many repair shops.

Experts found that a tiny microchip in the screen was behind the bug following the update. At the time, some users speculated that the bug was an intentional move by Apple to discourage users from tapping cheaper, third-party repairs. The company has insisted that it was a bug ever since.
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