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Google Secretly Working on a New Chrome UI

Google Chrome browserAccording to a recent report, Google is currently testing a new user interface (UI) for its Chrome browser. The new Chrome UI, dubbed the Refresh UI, has been in the works for at least one year.

Sources said that Google engineers have just started to test the new UI. The new feature can be accessed only via Google’s Chrome Canary, which is a version that is designed to solely test new features.


If you want to test the new interface, you will first have to install Google’s Chrome Canary and then go to the chrome://flags section. You cannot find the section in Google’s regular Chrome browser.

In chrome://flags, look for the UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome tab and check the new UI called Refresh.

The Refresh UI has redesigned Chrome’s trapeze-shaped tabs into rectangle-shaped ones with rounded corners. Also, the size of the tabs has been slightly decreased.

One More Issue Left Unresolved

Google, though, acknowledged that it hasn’t fixed its main issue in Chrome: overcrowding. When a user opens too many tabs at once, the names of the tabs are barely visible as the width sinks under 10 pixels.

Experts advised Google engineers to draw inspiration from Firefox browser’s side-scrolling system. This way, Firefox tabs’ names are still readable.

The new Chrome UI was likely created using Material Design, a visual design language created by Google. Over the years, the web search giant has tweaked its web browser’s history, settings, and bookmarks to match the Material Design language. As of recently, the same design language was used to create new skin for the Chrome browser.

According to testers, the Refresh UI can be tested only on a Windows platform for the moment.

Another piece of good news from Google is that its engineers are working on cookies that are instructed to expire after just a few days.
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