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Facebook Vows to Extend Europe’s Privacy Rules to All Users

Privacy on FacebookFacebook unveiled a plan to expand Europe’s privacy rules to everyone on Facebook. The European Union will roll out a stricter privacy law on May 25.

The law, aka the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is designed to offer European social media users more control over what personal data they share with tech companies. Firms that refuse to comply with the new rules will be fined.

Facebook took things even further and promised to apply the stricter European rules on the platform globally.

We not only want to comply with the law, but also go beyond our obligations to build new and improved privacy experiences for everyone on Facebook,

the social media giant recently said.

The company added that GDPR was a source of inspiration for a significant new investment in the privacy of all Facebook users. Reportedly, independent experts, designers, and authorities advised Facebook on the new set of rules.

Facebook Will Have to Use Clear Wording When Trying to Get User Consent

Under the upcoming privacy rules in Europe, tech companies will no longer be able to hide their shady business practices behind confusing policies and wording. Businesses will have to state clearly what data they are after and get users’ explicit consent.

Facebook will no longer be able to bundle all sorts of data to obtain users’ consent without many of them even knowing what they had signed up for. Also, minors under the age 16 will need their parents’ consent to have their data collected.

What’s more, users will be allowed to withdraw their consent at any given time.

Additionally, Facebook users will have the right to access all their private data companies have stored. They will also be informed on the storage location and purpose for storing their data.

Starting May 25, Facebook users will have the last say in Facebook’s practice of using partner data to better tailor ads. Also, Facebook’s controversial facial recognition tech will be switched off by default.
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