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Rdio expands to 20 more countries, making it total 51 to beat Spotify

Despite the growing competition by rival services like Pandora and Spotify, Rdio has furthermore spread its wings to 20 more countries, which makes it total of 51 countries worldwide.



2 months ago, Rdio has launched a experimental free service to access all musics with ad supported version by partnering with Echo Nest and Cumulus Media in U.S., Canada and Australia. The experimental service seems to be working well for the company and its now keeping its momentum by further expanding the paid subscription service to additional countries to access its over 20 million songs.

Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Monaco, Luxembourg, South Africa and Uruguay are those 20 countries, where the service has been rolled out.

Although Spotify also has a ad-enabled free service, Rdio overtakes that by releasing in more countries, while its rival Deezer has spread its wings in whopping 182 countries, however we doubt it, because Deezer isn’t available in few largest growing countries such as India yet.

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[Source: Rdio blog]

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