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Facebook Counting on Users’ Apathy about their Privacy in Latest Scandal

Facebook websiteIn a recent statement, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions Carolyn Everson said that the company doesn’t expect the latest privacy scandal to affect its bottom line or threaten its business model.

We have not seen wild changes in behavior with people saying I’m not going to share any data with Facebook anymore,


the Facebook executive said.

Everson noted that users are not quitting Facebook despite the #DeleteFacebook movement as most of them don’t really care about their privacy in the first place. Everson is confident that the Cambridge Analytica scandal will not have a negative impact on the tech giant’s profits.

In fact, the social media platform is counting on users’ apathy when it comes to their privacy. Everson concluded that there will be no “major changes” to Facebook’s revenue or way of doing business.

Facebook Not Taking the #DeleteFacebook Movement Seriously

It is clear that the firm is not taking some users’ threats to delete their Facebook accounts and never come back seriously. Users are stuck with the platform as removing themselves from Facebook is not that easy on a practical basis.

There are many Internet services that require a Facebook account to post a comment or log in.

Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged this week that the company is primarily interested in running ads, not content, in people’s News Feed. So, it is quite challenging to find the perfect balance between users’ privacy and Facebook’s need to make a profit off their data.

Zuckerberg is now being questioned by the House Committee over the mishandling of 87 million people’s private data by his company. Last month, the company was in the hot seat for allowing third-parties to have unlimited access to users’ data.

Facebook promised to bar app makers from getting more access than needed to users’ personal data. Meanwhile, the FTC launched an investigation into the issues.
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