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Blizzard Vows Not to Scrap Overwatch Heroes from Roster

Overwatch heroIn response to fans’ worries that their favorite Overwatch heroes may vanish overnight, Blizzard replied that it doesn’t plan to kill off any heroes. The news is great for those players that have grown attached to their favorite characters.

Game director Jeff Kaplan recently told Kotaku that the Overwatch team has been considering killing off older characters. The team hasn’t reached a consensus on what hero to nix. Kaplan assured fans that if a hero is killed off, it will still be available in-game.


 We will not remove a hero from the roster. No one has to worry about that,

the Blizzard exec told Kotaku.

For now, it is unclear if the game developer has a serious intention to remove Overwatch characters. Kaplan explained that killing off a hero would not have a dramatic impact since they lack any serious development.

Overwatch Heroes Need More Character Development

The company plans to further develop the characters through stories, events, and animated shorts. When the characters are meaningful enough for the Overwatch world, they could be killed. But the good news is that gamers will still be able to play those characters despite the heroes being killed off in the official story.

Blizzard seems concerned about the backlash that would follow such decisions. Permanently removing a character would make many members of the community angry. Many of them have used their hard-won money on loot boxes just for the sake of adding cool skins and visuals to their favorite hero.

Other sources confirmed that no Overwatch character will disappear from the game for good. So, fans should better focus on how the game’s lore will develop from now on. You can play Overwatch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.
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