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Niantic Agrees to Compensate Players for Failed Pokémon GO Fest

Pikachu parade in JapanNiantic recently agreed to settle a class action lawsuit for $1.5 million. The money will compensate thousands of Pokémon Go players who traveled to Chicago for a Pokemon GO Fest in the Grant Park, which never took place.

Initially, the software development company refunded all ticket costs, but some disgruntled players sued. The players claim that traveling to Chicago and finding a place to stay in July last year cost them more than that. Not even the $100 in in-game currency didn’t make them change their mind.

The Pokémon Go Fest’s goal was to gather more players in the Windy City’s Grant Park, make them socialize, and enable them to catch new in-game creatures. Because of technical reasons, the event didn’t go as planned, and players weren’t even allowed to walk past the doors.

Pokemon Go Players Will Be Reimbursed

A class action suit followed, with plaintiffs demanding a reimbursement for airplane tickets, parking fees, accommodation costs, mileage, and tolls. Attendees will need to check a website to see if they will be compensated. The settlement website will go on air by May 25.

However, not all people who bought the tickets to the festival will be eligible for compensation. There are those who bought the tickets to resell them at a higher price. So, the company agreed to reimburse only players who checked in in-game. Also, players who claim they spent over $107 on the event will have to show the receipts.

After players get their fair share and so all lawyers, the remaining cash (if any) will be donated to two Chicago-based nonprofits: the Chicago Run and Illinois Bar foundation. The money will be equally split and, according to court documents, not even one cent will return to Niantic.
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