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Apple Pushing the iPad onto Students, But Chromebook Remains the Favorite

An iPad and a MacBookIn recent years Apple has been pushing the iPad onto students in a bid to revive tablet sales as phablets get smarter. Yet, experts and teachers think that the iPad cannot rival the Chromebook in the classroom just yet.

Apple will likely fail in this endeavor as Chromebooks currently have a huge momentum in the nation’s schools. Also, the iPad will fail to gain that traction because of how the U.S. government handles education.


The 9.7-inch iPad looks tempting in theory with a special price for schools ($299), an Apple pencil, and an A10 Fusion processor strong enough to handle augmented reality (AR) apps.

There are AR apps, for instance, that enable students to have an immersive experience of the objects they are studying, such as carrying out a virtual dissection of a frog.

There are also apps like the Boulevard app that enables students to virtually visit the National Portrait Gallery and admire famous paintings. Apple is pushing the iPad onto students as the best tool on the market to power such AR experiences.

iPad Will Not Dethrone Chromebook

Experts, though, believe that the nation’s schools will not ditch the Chromebook for Apple’s tablet. One of the reasons is the price.

The iPad is way more expensive than its rival. If we accessorize an iPad with a Crayon ($49) and a keyboard ($99), its price jumps to $450. By contrast, a Ruggedized Chromebook for the classroom sells for $229.00- $309.00. What’s more, the new iPad is not compatible with Apple’s Smart Keyboard, which means that students will have to buy a non-Apple keyboard.

Despite the drawbacks, Apple is confident that its free education apps and support will soon make it a students’ favorite. Currently, Chromebooks hold a 56.9% slice of the education market, while the iOS holds just 10.9% and MacOS 3.5%. Windows market share is 25.6%.
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