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You Can Now Instruct Alexa to Make Phone Calls on Your iPad, Android Tablet

An iPad by a swimming poolAlexa, the popular voice-activated smart assistant from Amazon, can now make phone calls to all kinds of tablets from iPads to Android and Fire tablets. Amazon announced this week that tablet users can make phone calls or text for free via Alexa if they have the Alexa app on the devices.

In the past, Alexa could make audio calls only from Amazon’s WiFi-connected speakers like the Echo Dot or Echo. iOS and Android smartphones could make phone calls via Alexa if they had the app installed.

It is the first time, tablets are compatible with the service. Amazon also unveiled that Fire HD 10 will be able to make phone calls via Alexa without the need of tapping the device. Older models will need a tap on their home button.

Tablet users will have to run the Alexa app in the devices to access the service. They will also have to verify phone numbers first and import the contact list in the app. Amazon wants to make Alexa people’s favorite way of remotely interacting with nearby computing devices.

Alexa Getting Better and Better

Since Alexa is now more compatible with tablets, Amazon hopes to lure in more customers. Alexa’s most notable rivals are Microsoft’s Cortana, the Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri.

Earlier this month, Alexa was further improved with a ‘follow-up mode’ that allows users to make repeated requests without ‘Alexa’ first. The mode will enable users to make back-to-back requests on Echo.

For instance, you will able to tell Alexa to play your favorite music track and turn off the lights without having to repeat the word Alexa. Alexa will be listening to you for 5 seconds after the first command. You’ll notice that the smart assistant is waiting for another request if the blue ring on the smart speaker is lit up. After five seconds, Alexa enters sleep mode.
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