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Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Worthy of Your Cash?

Samsung Galaxy S8So, what makes the Samsung Galaxy S9 special? Is it worthy of your cash? Well, the centerpiece of the latest flagship phone is a better camera equipped with dual aperture for snaps in lower light and slow motion.

The handset also includes a mix of Animoji and Bitmoji, i.e. AI-based personalized avatars, which makes it enticing. However, the looks haven’t changed since last year’s S8, which could be a massive turnoff for some Samsung fans.

S9, though, comes with an impressive camera. The enhanced dual aperture makes it easier for you to snap pictures in low light. The handset has a setting that instructs the aperture to open automatically when in a dimly-lit room. This enables the sensor to receive more light so that images are brighter than S9’s rivals can produce. Also, the camera has slow motion with an automatic detection tool.

The phone’s design doesn’t disappoint either. The curved-edge design makes it a good-looking handset just like the S8. Some experts believe that the S9 is the best purchase at the moment if you are contemplating an Android device.

The Extras

In addition, the new phone can turn a selfie into a hybrid mixing Bitmoji and Animoji that can be posted on social media as a GIF. It is a cool feature that stands out when you or your friends give a tour of the handset.

Another plus for the S9 is better battery life, being equipped with a 3000mAh just like its predecessor. The device has been tested for 10 days and it can last one day with heavy usage.

The iris recognition and fingerprint scanners can be used to add enhanced security to the device. The S9 also sports facial recognition, which is not as fast as the iPhone X’s but it does unlock the device before you can read a notification on the display.
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