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Android P Is Almost Here! See What’s New

Android P on a developer's smartphoneOn Wednesday, Google gave a preview to its new operating system for mobile devices, the much-anticipated Android P. The new OS is not finalized yet, but developers had asked for a preview. And their wish has been granted. So, what’s new?

Google developers unveiled that Android P will come with a more secure access to your smartphone’s microphone, camera, and sensors. The new OS will no longer allow third party apps to access those three behind your back. It will prompt you if an app tries to tap the camera, sensors, or mic.

The new feature is aimed at preventing apps from abusing their permissions. Android P will ensure that idle apps won’t be able to collect data from the mic or camera. But if an app really needs to get that data, the OS will notify you about it.

Better Control over Apps, Enhanced Encryption Are On Their Way

Google said that the user will have full disclosure about which sensor is accessed and why exactly. The security feature will affect all apps, regardless if they were updated or not. However, there is one exception: the device’s GPS sensor.

Android will also come with enhanced encryption for the data you want to save to upload when you make the switch to a new device, like contacts, OS settings, app data, and so on.

Android has encrypted that data by default , but with the latest version of the OS, the data will be encrypted based on a password, PIN, or pattern that you provide. Plus, the encryption will happen on your device. This means that it will be extra hard for privy eyes to access that data.

Android P also makes it harder for mobile networks to detect your locations by just looking at your phone’s unique address aka the MAC address. The new OS will generate a new MAC address for every new connection to a wireless network. This means that carriers and other people will no longer be able to track you just by locking at the location of your phone or tablet.
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