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Airbnb Launches Loyalty Program

On Thursday, Airbnb unveiled a new loyalty program that will fir the needs of those looking for a more luxurious accommodation. The move is designed to give the hospitality service a competitive edge against hotel rivals.

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The announcement comes at a time when the firm it’s under scrutiny over the quality of some of its listings.

CEO Brian Chesky announced that the offerings in the new program will be rolled out in the coming months. He added that the company thinks that it “finally” has a “home for everyone.”

The website will add several new property types to the existing offer, a luxury tier of service, homes for specific types of customers, and a loyalty program. Airbnb’s initial goal was to enable people rent out their homes or extra rooms to make money.

Initially, there were just three types of offerings: shared space, homes, and private rooms.

Airbnb Unveils New Types of Offerings

Now, despite 4.5 million listings, travelers have often complained that the website does not offer what they are looking for. So, the newly introduced extras – vacation homes, B&B boutiques, and unique homes – are designed to fill that gap.

The new tools were first made available for hosts on Thursday, but guests will be able to access them this summer. The company made the announcements during its annual conference.

On Thursday, the company also launched Airbnb for Work and Airbnb for Family under a category called Collections which includes homes that cater for the needs of specific groups. The company plans to improve Collections with homes for honeymoons, social gatherings, dinner parties, and more later this year.

For guests that are concerned that booking a room in a stranger’s home may be risky, Airbnb rolled out Airbnb Plus, which includes special inspectors that have verified the homes for security and comfort.
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