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Google Kills ‘View Image’ Button in Image Search after Getty Settlement

Google search engineIn response to a settlement with Getty Images over copyright issues, Google has decided to revamp its Image Search and completely remove the ‘View Image’ option which enabled users to download copyrighted material.

The ‘View Image’ button popped up whenever a user clicked on an image in the web search engine’s Image Search section. The button enabled users to access the image directly, instead of the site hosting it.

Some users found the feature extremely useful as it enabled them to quickly save a copyrighted photo and use it later. After the changes, users will have to add extra effort to download those images, but they will still be able to do it.

Google’s move will not bar its users from stealing copyrighted material, it will just frustrate them more. Many bloggers and photographers have blasted the tech giant repeatedly for being too lax about copyrighted content.The search engine allowed people to steal their work with just the click of a button (or two).

Change Makes Publishers Happy

The disappearance of the ‘View Image’ option is one way of Google saying that it is taking content providers’ concerns seriously. Google confirmed this week that the changes are caused by the Getty settlement.

[The changes] are designed to strike a balance between serving user needs and publisher concerns, both stakeholders we value,

a Google spokesperson said.

Last week, the company unveiled that it has struck a deal with Getty Images to be more explicit about copyright information on Getty-generated content. The deal included the removal of the ‘View Image’ button.

Now, people will have to take a detour and click the ‘Visit Button’ to access the website hosting the image before they can download it. This way the website, including Getty’s, will benefit from the ad revenue, which is great for the publisher.
Image Source: Pixabay


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