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The Irony… Facebook’s VPN App Secretly Tracks Users

Smartphone appsFacebook has offered users in some parts of the world a VPN app to protect their Internet traffic from privy eyes, but ironically, the app beams back the data to Facebook servers.

The social media giant didn’t tell users that the Onevo Protect feature, which gives unsuspecting Facebook app users the possibility to connect to the Internet via a virtual private network, is its product.

VPN apps usually shield users’ online identity by masking their IP addresses and giving other security features when they visit websites. The method is a way more secure of surfing the Internet when on public Wi-Fi networks.

However, Onevo does the exact opposite. It monitors users’ data and send it back to Facebook, as instructed. The software can track what apps are installed on your device, how often you use your apps, what websites you prefer, and the amount of data you use every month.

Facebook Shamelessly Spying on Users

The app discloses all these tracking operations in its privacy policies. In addition, Onevo enables Facebook to spy on users whenever they are not logged in the social media platform. Also, the company gets important data of its users’ usage of other social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Facebook purchased the Tel Aviv-based Onevo five years ago, and now its mobile app encourages users to protect their online traffic via the tab called “Protect”. However, a user would have to read the Terms and Policies in full on the app’s site to learn that the app is owned by Facebook and that it spies on them on behalf of its parent company.

The ‘Protect’ feature in the Facebook app is currently available only in the U.S. for iPhone users.
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