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Facebook Hemorrhaging 2 Million Younger Users Every Year

Facebook logoAccording to a report from e-Marketer, Facebook is losing on average 2 million younger users every year, as the younger generation flocks to more entertaining social media services to keep in touch with their friends.

Facebook has long hoped that Instagram could keep the young ones hooked, but services like Snapchat are more alluring than the two services. According to a survey, less than 50% of Internet users in the 12-17 age bracket will access Facebook once a month.

Facebook replied that its user base is not affected as other age groups are joining the platform. Facebook estimates the number of U.S. users to hit 169.5 million by the end of 2018, which doesn’t mark even an 1% increase.

This year, the number of Facebook users that are younger than 11 will be trimmed by 9.3%. Around 5.8% of those in the 18-24 age bracket will leave the platform. It is the first time the market research company estimates a decline for those age groups.

2 Million Users to Wave Goodbye to Facebook in 2018

Also, the firm predicts that 2 million Facebook users aged 24 or younger will part ways with the social media giant this year. However, not all those people will flock to Instagram, as Facebook hopes. Snapchat is a more likely destination.

Snapchat is expected to welcome 1.9 million new users aged 24 or younger, while Instagram will add 1.6 million in that age group. All in all, Snapchat will have a younger audience than Instagram.

In the United States, though, Instagram is more popular than Snapchat. This year, Instagram’s user base is expected to grow 13.1% from last year’s levels to 104.7 million. Snapchat will increase to 86.5 million users or 9.3%.

eMarketer analysts expect Snapchat to lure in older users as well since its interface is easier to handle than Facebook’s or Instagram’s.
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