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The New Smart Glasses from Intel Are the Latest Technology

Intel has developed a pair of experimental smart glasses that look just like normal glasses. Itai Vonshak is the head of products at Intel’s New Devices Group. He says that no one could tell you are wearing something more than just a regular pair of glasses. Intel does not want their new product to be the same as other companies’ attempts.

In 2012, when Google has introduced Google Glass, the product was not exactly ready for launching. The users had to use an awkward looking frame, a camera, and a microphone and the product was branded as “glassholes”. This determined Google shift its focus of its smart technology, making it available for corporate customers to use them in workplaces like factories.

The smart glasses developed by Intel look better than you’ve expected

The smart glasses developed by Intel are different. The new gadget is called Vaunt, looking just like an average pair of plastic-framed glasses. They feature no microphone, odd display or camera attached to the frame. This prototype makes use of a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser. Users can use the low-power laser to project a red picture onto a “holographic reflector” on the right lens. Hence, this is just out of the normal line of sight.

People who wear these glasses will not need to constantly check notifications. The image can be reflected back to the user’s retina, always being in focus. Now, many have been wondering how safe these glasses could be for our vision. Intel says they are pretty safe. Besides the laser technology, these smart glasses will also feature Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. They also have app processor, an accelerometer and a compass built into the device.

Summing up

This incredible technology can help you see your notifications without making you feel uncomfortable in public since they will not be noticeable to others. Developers still test numerous new apps and possibilities for these smart glasses, and we do not know yet whether they will be available to the broader public.

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