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The teenager who paid $750 for Xbox One photo, got a free console from CeX, UK

Peter Clatworthy, a 19-year old student in UK has been gifted a new Xbox One console for free by CeX following the high drama of eBay scam, through which the seller sent him a photo of the console for £450 plus £8 for packaging (approximately $725).

Image credit: Nottingham Post
Image credit: Nottingham Post

In November, Peter Clatworthy paid the money in the online auction site for the much anticipated console and in return he has got only the picture of the device and later this news has spread viral in internet and even the eBay has promised to send the refund and he received the refund too on. eBay has also permanently banned the seller from the auction website.


Now, as the Christmas gift, he has got a brand new Xbox One console from the retailer CeX, may be its a marketing effort of the retailer to sneak into the viral drama or may be a good deed, whatever, the story is ending quite nicely to the buyer, whose intent to buy the gadget is for his 4-year old son.

“I’m just overwhelmed by the reaction to the story,” Clatworthy said. “All I wanted was a refund. I cannot believe this.”

David Draycott, Assistant manager at CeX Store at Exchange Walk, Nottingham city centre, handed the console over to Mr Clatworthy and said,

“My girlfriend had heard about Peter’s story and mentioned it to me. I’d heard of scams before but never something like this. Many people are looking to take advantage of people shopping online and trying to get something for Christmas in a hurry.”

Finally, the viral story of a guy and his eBay’s Xbox One scam has seen a happy ending. Thanks to Nottingham Post for the coverage of the story.

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