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What Is New With The iOS 11.3 Beta

This spring, Apple plans to launch a new update for its iOS 11.3 Beta. However, developers can already get a taste of the updates which are ready to come. The updates include a new Health Records tool, enhancement of ARKit, and four new Animoji. The first iOS 11.3 beta does not include the customizable settings for performance and battery. The developers indicate that these settings will appear in later beta releases. Hence, users will be able to disable older device which has aging batteries while also checking the health of their device’s battery.

The performance tweaks are meant to extend the life of some older devices. Nevertheless, several users complain about the fact that Apple was not transparent about the throttling. The company tries to satisfy their customers, assuring them that the new updates are meant to solve their problems. However, for now, users cannot test those performance and battery settings in beta.

The updates of the new iOS 11.3 beta

After installing the beta version, users will find the app under the name “Books”. The iOS 11.3 beta includes four new Animoji. Hence, the total will be of 16. Through this update, you will include in your list a lion, skull, bear and a dragon. Furthermore, messages in iCloud will return through this update. In this way, users will be able to sync their Messages between devices.

Hence, if you delete some messages on one device, you will automatically delete them from all the devices connected to the same iCloud account. Another important feature includes Apple Music videos. Users will be able to stream all their favorite music videos without having to deal with ads.

Summing up

The new updates introduced through the in OS 11.3 beta will try to address users’ complaints. Hence, you will soon make use of the iCloud Messages, Apple Music videos, and new Animojis.

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