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Nintendo Labo: A New Gaming Experience

On January 18, Nintendo has announced Nintendo Labo. This is a new experiment developed for the Switch console. This new tool will help players insert their console into pieces of cardboard, developing pianos, fishing rods, and robots. The gaming company explains that their new project combines the fun of DIY pieces with the excitement of Nintendo Switch.

Players can use pieces of cardboard to develop one of the items mentioned above. Then, they will be able to put the Switch in and play lots of games with these creations they make. The trailer was released on January 18, revealing how players can use the cardboard gadgets to steer remote-controlled robots or play music. Nintendo Labo will not only stimulate your creativity, but it will also allow you to have a whole new experience where the final results depend on your work.

The new Nintendo Labo will help you be more creative

This new tool will be launched on April 20. Two different sets will be available. Players will be able to purchase the Robot Kit for $80 and the Variety Kit for $70. Nintendo calls them Toy-Cons, this being a play on the Joy-Cons controllers for Switch. The Variety Kit contains a Toy-Con Piano, a Toy-Con Motorbike, a Toy-Con House, a Toy-Con Fishing Rod and two Toy-Con RC Cars.

The Robot Kit will help you develop an interactive robot suit that will feature a visor, straps for your feet and hands and backpack. Then, you can wear it to take control of a massive robot in a game. Both kits will feature the necessary software and cardboard needed to develop the creations.

Summing up

The new Nintendo Labo will not only offer you a different gaming experience, but it will also put you to work. You will be able to exercise your imagination, trying to build cardboard robots and other objects. Have fun with the new Nintendo Labo this spring!

Image Source: Business Insider

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